Author: Fatemi

immune system fruits

Immune system booster fruits, a big part of a healthy diet

Most people know orange as an immune system booster and take it during cough and flu, but boosting the immune system does not need to be strong just in cold disease. It works every second of every day to protect the body from infections every day.

fruits for blood pressure

Fruits for lowering blood pressure, natural remedies

One of the most risk factors in stroke and heart diseases is high blood pressure. One out of three adults in the United States is involved with high blood pressure. Certain fruits can effectively lower blood pressure.

fruits that prevent cancer

Fruits that prevent cancer are super healthy

The only cure for cancer is prevention, every day, every snack, and food matters, if we embrace fruit and vegetables, we can cut the risk of cancer. If you replace fruits with junk and fatty food, we hope that the risk of cancer would be less than before.

Results of not eating fruit

Results of not eating fruit, a dangerous choice

fruits are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a healthy body. If someone goes on a fruitless diet, his/her body will gradually involve serious physical and mental health conditions.

Fruits effect on skin,Fruits` effect on the health of your skin,healthy skin with fruit.

Fruits effect on the skin, natural remedy for skin

Fruits have anti-aging and anti-cancer effects; fruits like tomato and pomegranate slow down the process of aging skin and postpone wrinkling. If you want to know more about fruits’ effect on the skin, read the article.