Fresh fruit export company

fruit export company

Fresh fruit export companies are in serious competition nowadays. Among all Iranian fresh fruit exporters, Vira Fruits has been shining like a star. Vira Fruits is an expert in growing, tending carefully, paying specific attention to every small detail, and exporting produces like fresh orange, fresh kiwi, fresh onion, fresh date, fresh apple, and fresh tangerine.

Iran is one of a kind in producing various fresh fruits, such as grapes, dates, and kiwis. Many export companies are in favor of trading them with other countries. Vira Fruits, one of the best Iranian fruit exporters, is an expert in exporting fresh fruits and vegetables like apple, kiwi, and orange and vegetables like onions. We are an excellent option for exporting Iranian fruit.

Having 45-38 percent of minerals, 35-15 percent air, 35 to 15 percent water, 12 to 5 percent organic matter, and a small part of living things, makes our soil best for raising  fresh fruits and vegetables. And having a large area in this favorable condition leads us to a high amount of produces, all of the high quality when harvesting. We can see the results in our exporting statistics. All in all, Iran is one of the top ten fruit exporter countries or fresh fruit exporter countries.

Iranian fruit export company (Vira Fruits) works with growers regularly to ensure the fruit is picked and packed at optimal maturity; since fresh fruit exporting is our expertise and we care about our customer’s satisfaction, our logistics department pays close attention to every aspect of shipping from beginning to end.

We work with transportation and shipping lines to ensure that we can provide our clients with a high-quality service at an affordable price.

We work with the best customs clearing agents to clear our produces as fast as possible, allowing us to deliver them as soon as possible to our customers. Vira Fruits, the Iranian fruit supplier, inspects produces to ensure they meet client-specific quality standards to guarantee excellent results.

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Iran export fruit

The Vira Fruits brand is synonymous with consistently high quality, explicitly packaged per order and client.

As an Iranian fresh fruit import-export company, Vira Fruits works carefully to choose production areas with the right climate conditions for optimal production in the quality of fresh fruit export.

Long shelf life and good organic produces are two characteristics of this brand. Vira Fruits’ packing enables our produces to reach their destination as fresh as possible.

Vira Fruits takes orders of any  fresh fruit and vegetables and ensures their produces meet your needs. Since Vira fruits have more than ten years of successful business experience, you will not regret trading with them.

To make some improvements and gain more satisfaction, Temperature control, food safety, and traceability are controlled at a micro-level by our unique GPS device named viratracker.

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export orange

Orange exporter in Iran

Navel, Blood Orange, Seville, Bergamot
Precise sorting based on weight and caliber, Customized packaging as per client’s order

export kiwi

Kiwi exporter in Iran

Hayward, Kiwi, Golden Kiwi, Red Kiwi
Harvesting, Keep in a cold room, Customized packaging

export onion

Onion exporter in Iran

Fresh Red, White, and Golden onions
Precise sorting according to order, Customized packaging

export apple

Iranian apple exporter

Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Golden, Florin
Without sugar content at any time of the year, Customized packaging as per clientele order

export tangerine

Tangerine exporter in Iran

Mandarin, Algerian, Encore, Kinnow,
Sorting with Precise machines, packaging will be customized according to a client’s order

export dates

Dates exporter in Iran

Mazafati, Zahidi, Piarom, Kabkab, Barhi, Halawy, Medjool
Providing different quality levels for different market, Professional sorting