Onion exporter in Iran

Vira Fruits, as an onion exporter in Iran, offers you high-quality onions at a competitive price. In the past century, Iran has been one of the best onion suppliers and exporters in the region. We export Iranian onions to European and Asian countries.

Iran is one of the greatest onion supplier and onion exporters of the world by producing over three million Tons of onions and offering them to the world in great conditions and at reasonable prices.

Annual harvesting of onions in Iran starts in the southwest of the country by gathering golden onions from rich fields of Khuzestan and throughout the season, continues to the cooler northern parts of the country while white and red onions join the party.

Golden onions account for the highest volume in exportation, where red onions with a shelf life of up to six months and the highest demand among middle east countries, have gotten less attention from onion exporters.

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Based on the kind and the fields they are grown in Iranian onions have a variety of features. They can taste sharp, spicy, or sweet and can be juicy or crispy.

Our skillful and well-trained staff do their best to make sure our products land within the limits of global standards and meet the demands of our customers.

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Onion exporter in Iran

Iranian Onion season available

Season AvailableJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Red Onion ✔✔ ✔    ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔✔ 
Golden Onion✔ ✔  ✔   ✔ ✔✔  ✔ ✔ ✔
White Onion ✔✔ ✔    ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Wholesale Onion Sorting

Sorting is automatic, and based on the diameter, is performed without any human intervention.

Size (mm)20 – 5050 – 100100+

Wholesale Onion Packaging

Our standard packaging is Turkish bags in different weights of 10,15,25 and 35 kg. We are also able to customize our packaging according to your demands.

Shipping10 kg15 kg25 kg35 kg
40ft Refrigerated and insulated containers25 Tons = 2500 * 1025 Tons = 1666 * 1525 Tons = 1000 * 2525 Tons = 714* 35

Iranian Onion Cargo handling

Due to their high sensitivity, onions must be handled with great care. Onions damaged by setting them down roughly, for instance, undergo greater respiratory intensity and self-heat.

All cargo handling must be done at the required temperature. Rain and snow can cause moisture to contaminate the cargo, leading to self-heating, sprouting, root growth, and packaging decay.

Freshness facts
Optimum carrying temperature0°C (dry/green)
Highest freezing pointApprox. -0,8°C (see text)
Acceptable product temp. at loading into containersMax. 2°C above carrying temperature
Optimum humidity65%-75% (dry)
>95% (green)
Ventilation setting for containers10 m³/hr
Storage life6-9 months (dry)
3-4 weeks (green)
Climacteric / non-climactericNon-climacteric
Ethylene productionVery low
Ethylene sensitivityLow
Modified / controlled atmosphere2% O2; 5% CO2

Our competitive edge is that we produce different kinds of onions including yellow, red, white, and sweet onions year-round. As a result, we are ready to export onions at any time you wish throughout the year. Thus, importing onions from Iran is very easy and unchallenging for importers and trading companies throughout the year.

If you have decided to import onions, importing onions from Iran would be the best option for you. Vira Fruits is one of the most successful Iranian onion suppliers with more than 10 years of experience. Therefore, to have a satisfactory trading business do not hesitate to contact us.

Vira Fruits has become one of the most successful fruit export company in Iran during the past 5 years by observing factors such as sourcing the best possible products to meet customer needs, maintaining a competitive level of standards in packaging, palletizing, and cargo tracking, and staying with the importer until the very last checkpoints of trading procedure is achieved.


Which country is the largest exporter of onion?


The biggest onion exporter in the world, China typically stops its import and export operations between January 20 and February 10.

Which country supplies onion in India?

Onions are being imported from Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and Afghanistan. Iranian onion exports to India are increasing every year, and there are good export relations between Iranian and Indian companies. Vira Fruits is one of the companies that annually export Iranian onions to India.

Which country consumes the most onions?

Around the world, people consume an average of 13.67 pounds of onions per year. With an average per capita consumption of 66.8 pounds, Libya has the highest consumption of onions.

Which countries export onions?

1              China                              20,507,759

2              India                               13,372,100

3              United States                  3,320,870

4              Egypt                              2,208,080

5              Iran                                 1,922,970

6              Turkey                            1,900,000

7              Pakistan                         1,701,100

8              Brazil                              1,556,000

9              Russia                            1,536,300

10           Republic of Korea            1,411,650

Does Pakistan export onion?

Exports of commodity group 0703 “Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and other alliaceous vegetables, fresh or chilled.” amounted to 0.566% of total exports from Pakistan (cumulative merchandise exports from Pakistan totaled $ 22 billion in 2020).

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History of onion

The onion is one of the oldest cultivated plants known to man. It is said to have been grown in China over 5,000 years ago, and an ancient Babylonian clay tablet cookbook indicates that it must have been an important herb and vegetable in ancient times. 

In ancient Egypt, the onion became a cult object due to its spherical shape and concentric rings – a symbol of eternal life. The Egyptians were convinced that the intense onion aroma could breathe life back into even the dead. So, it is not surprising that in the pharaonic tombs, for example, onion remains were found in the famous tomb of Tutankhamun. 

However, sources from ancient Greece testify that the onion was already valued as a medicinal plant at that time, as a natural blood thinner. On the other hand, the Roman gladiators rubbed themselves with the juice of the onion to strengthen their muscles. 

And in the 16th century, the famous doctor Paracelsus determined that onion is worth as much as a whole pharmacy – and modern research has long since confirmed his assessment.

Today, with the advancement in agriculture and the improvement of the soil, and the control in producing high-quality products in Vira Fruits, we have introduced this product to international trade. Iranian onion is known as one of the best onions among the products in world trade exports. Vira Fruits has been trying to compete globally as a supplier of various agricultural products from the very beginning. The Iranian onion that we export has been able to satisfy many people, and Vira Fruits is also known as an onion exporter among its neighboring countries, especially India.

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Onion and its many health benefits

It is interesting that onions do not contain starch. Their carbohydrates, on the other hand, are in the form of so-called fructans. They are water-soluble oligo- and polysaccharides that prevent onions from drying out. Studies by the University of Toyama in Japan have shown, for example, that fructans from onions are effective against influenza A viruses, i.e. against the flu.

There are around 100 grams of onions:

7.4 mg vitamin C (8 percent of the recommended daily dose): Has an antioxidant effect as a radical scavenger.

156 mg vitamin B6 (8 percent of the recommended daily dose): is important for amino acid metabolism.

4 mg vitamin B7 (4 percent of the recommended daily dose): Promotes the growth of blood cells, skin, hair, and nerve tissue.

162 mg potassium (8 percent of the recommended daily allowance): is important for the nerves and muscles.

50 mg sulfur (10 percent of the recommended daily dose): Promotes a healthy intestinal flora, supports the liver, and has a detoxifying effect.

The sulfur compounds contained in the onion are of particularly great medicinal value. By the way, they are also the ones who make tears flow when chopping onions.

Due to the many properties that have been mentioned, onions themselves have different types that Vira Fruits, as a supplier in the global market, cares about their quality and health. The three types of red, golden, and white onions that Vira Fruits is the exporter of are offered with the highest quality. Iranian onion, which is exported by Vira Fruits to one of its largest export destinations, namely, Arab countries in the Middle East, is very popular. Our policy and effort are that all three types of Iranian onions, which Vira Fruits supplies in the world market, reach the customer with maximum health and speed.

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Types of onions

There are different types of onions, each has various uses and properties, but the three main types that have the most consumption and we export them in Vira Fruits are red onion, yellow onion, and white onion. From the production process to delivery to the customer, great care is taken that making Vira Fruits a reputable and quality exporter. Therefore, onions are fresh when they reach the customer. Among the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, India, and Russia, this vegetable is in great demand due to its many health properties, and onion exports are very widespread. Especially in Eastern countries, onions are also common in many recipes. We will now examine the three types of onions that Vira Fruits exports. As an onion exporter, we assure you that we export Iranian onion of the best quality.

red onion exporter

Red Onion

Red onion, which accounts for a large volume of exports among Middle Eastern countries, has many health benefits. Among agricultural products, onion exporter has special importance for it. Because of its health benefits and because it is often used as a seasoning and flavoring in most dishes. The Iranian onion has all these qualities. In this area, the onion supplier should be aware of the customer’s tastes and needs. The skin of red onions (also known as purple onions in some European countries) is reddish-purple, and the flesh is white-red. Although red onions are mostly used in culinary arts, their skins have also been used as dyes. These onions are medium to large in size and have a spicy taste. They can be eaten raw (and can be added to salads for color and bite), grilled, or lightly cooked with other foods. Red onions are usually available throughout the year and contain flavonoids and fiber (compared to white and yellow onions). When red onions are soaked in cool water for some time and the water is drained off, there is less “bite” and pungency. Therefore, red onion is one of Vira Fruits’ products that has established us in the global market as an onion exporter with high quality.

Red onions and some of the health benefits

Irrespective of whether you eat it cooked or raw, this onion is highly beneficial to the body and has many health benefits. We intend to mention some of the qualities of this onion to get to know it better.

  • Red onions are anti-inflammatory
  • Red onions prevent stomach cancer
  • Red onions are better than dietary supplements
  • Red onions are fat burning
  • Red onions lower cholesterol levels
  • Red onions detoxify

Apart from the cases mentioned for red onions, other types of onions also have many health properties. Antioxidant flavonoids are found especially in the outer layers of red onions. Many people break down the first layers and lose a lot of these vital substances. So be sure to use as much foreign meat and food as possible.

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Yellow Onion

Yellow onions are dried onions with a strong flavor. Inside they are greenish-white, light yellow, or white. The layers of paper skin are pale yellow-brown or golden. It has more sulfur than white onion, which gives it a stronger and more complex taste. Yellow onions are usually present throughout the year, growing between spring and autumn and then being stored for the rest of the year. This is the most common onion in Northern Europe, of which Iran is one of the largest exporters in the world, especially in the Middle East. They should be stored at room temperature in a cool, dark place. For long-term storage, you need to wrap them in paper and put them in the refrigerator. A rich onion taste makes them suitable for dishes such as French onion soup, other soups, stews and braises, and kebabs. When caramelized, they become sticky and sweet. Yellow Iranian onion is one of the agricultural products that we export all over the world, and it is very satisfying and popular among our customers.

white onion exporter

White Onion

White Onion or “Sweet Onion” is a cultivar of dried onion that has a mild, light, and mild taste. Like red onions, they are high in sugar and low in sulfur and therefore have a relatively short shelf life. White onions are used in a variety of foods, such as Mexican and European dishes. Their uses in dishes are often related to their mild nature; they are often placed in dishes to give a light, fresh and sour taste to foods and are often added uncooked to foods such as salads. Our goal as an onion supplier is to satisfy all customers’ needs. We export Iranian onion to the world market in accordance with the principles of food export, and as an onion exporter, we always strive to supply this product with the highest quality.