Onion exporter in Iran

ViraFruits, as an onion exporter in Iran, offers you high-quality onions at a competitive price. In the past century, Iran has been one of the best onion suppliers and exporters among other countries. We export Iranian onion to European and Asian countries.

We are competing with the greatest onion supplier and onion exporters with producing three million onions at an affordable price at high quality per year.

Annually, eighteen hectares of north Khorasan fields are planted with onions, from which 450000 tons of crops are harvested.

Yellow onions have accounted for the most exportation. Red onions, which can survive for six months and are the kinds that middle east countries are interested in, are exported less than the other kinds.

Based on the kind and the season they’re raised in, they have varieties in taste. Our onions can taste sharp, spicy, and sweet.

To export Iranian onion in the best way, we hire well trained and skilled workers. We follow them from the first step of raising to the very last step and ensure our products will meet our customer’s needs.

It is estimated that more than 9,000,000 hectares of onions are raised annually in the world. Iran, with providing 540,000 hectares annually, is among the bests.

Our delicious onions, which all have the best aroma, have a firm and fresh texture, make them an acceptable choice for all onion users like families, restaurants, and hotels.

We are considered a rival of the greatest onion exporters with producing three million onions at an affordable price with high quality per year.

Accordingly, our onions make our company, Vira Fruits, and our country, Iran, the best onion exporter.

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Onion exporter in Iran

Iranian Onion season available

Season AvailableJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Red Onion ✔✔ ✔       ✔ ✔ ✔✔ 
Golden Onion✔ ✔  ✔     ✔  ✔ ✔ ✔
White Onion ✔✔ ✔       ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Wholesale Onion Sorting

Sorting is automatic, and based on the diameter, is performed without any human intervention.

Size (mm)20 – 5050 – 100100 to above

Wholesale Onion Packaging

Our standard packaging weighs 10,15,25,35 kg packing in a Turkish plastic bag. We can customize it according to your needs.

Shipping10 kg15 kg25 kg35 kg
40ft Refrigerated and insulated containers27 Tonne = 2700 * 1027 Tonne = 1800 * 1527 Tonne = 1080 * 2527 Tonne = 771* 35

Iranian Onion Cargo handling

Due to their high sensitivity, onions must be handled with great care. Onions damaged by setting them down roughly, for instance, undergo greater respiratory intensity and self-heat.

All cargo handling must be done at the required temperature. Rain and snow can cause moisture to contaminate the cargo, leading to self-heating, sprouting, root growth, and packaging decay.

Freshness facts
Optimum carrying temperature0°C (dry/green)
Highest freezing pointApprox. -0,8°C (see text)
Acceptable product temp. at loading into containersMax. 2°C above carrying temperature
Optimum humidity65%-75% (dry)
>95% (green)
Ventilation setting for containers10 m³/hr
Storage life6-9 months (dry)
3-4 weeks (green)
Climacteric / non-climactericNon-climacteric
Ethylene productionVery low
Ethylene sensitivityLow
Modified / controlled atmosphere2% O2; 5% CO2

Our competitors’ advantage is that we produce different kinds of onions around the year, including yellow, red, white, and sweet onions. As a result, we are ready to export onions at any time you wish throughout the year. Thus, importing onions from Iran is very easy for importers and trading companies throughout the year.

If you have decided to import onions, importing onions from Iran would be the best choice. Vira fruits is one of the most successful Iranian onion suppliers with more than 10 years of experience. Therefore starting a trading business with us will bring you satisfaction.

Vira fruits has become one of the most successful fruit export company in Iran in the past 5 years with observing factors such as having a clear business plan, brainstorming, and many types of research about what the customers want and their markets.