About Vira Fruits

About Vira Fruits

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Mr. Shaabani and Mr. Hosseini’s background and experience have lead us to ViraFruits, the Iranian fruit export company. Since 2016 we are trying to reach our goal, which was delivering fresh and high-quality fruits to our customers and gaining their trust. Although we are satisfied with the progress we have made, but still we are seeking more success.

We are now one of the experts in offering a wide range of products like Iranian apple, kiwi, orange, tangerine, onion, and dates. All in optimum quality and suitable for customer’s requirements. Besides exporting, we import products like mushrooms, turmeric, and bananas in response to customer demands.
It’s ViraFruits pleasure to be synonymous with a committed team, flexibility in contract negotiations, and on-time delivery.
Virafruits prides itself on its skillful, experienced, and well-trained manpower who are doing their best to reach other goals like exporting fruits worldwide.

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best quality kiwis for export by Vira fruits

Our small professional team follows the process step by step from the first step: harvesting products from farms to sorting, packaging, transportation, delivery, and clearance in a highly accurate, detailed, and systematic manner.

We are honored to cooperate with countries like India, GCC countries, Iraq, Eurasia, Africa, and Russia, and we are happy to gain their satisfaction. We are looking forward to expanding our exports to Europe, East Asia, and the Americas.