Kiwi exporter in Iran

One of the most demandable fruits worldwide is kiwi, 4.3 million tons was the volume of grown kiwis in the world in (2018). Vira Fruits as a Kiwi exporter in Iran has the prospect of supplying Iranian kiwis worldwide.

Iranian Kiwi suppliers are among the best kiwi suppliers, which has a record of producing 200 thousand tons in 2019. Iran is one of the top ten kiwi exporters in the world since 1994.

We are one of the Main Kiwi Suppliers with Over 12000 hectares under Kiwi cultivation in Iran.
Kiwi needs a mild climate and is planted in sandy soil with hummus which is the most suitable soil for growing kiwis.
Our Kiwi orchards in Mazandaran and Gilan are producing more than 110 thousand and 75 thousand tons per year.

Gaining customer satisfaction is one of our goals, which we are trying our best to reach. The main factors which can have a Direct Influence on Kiwi Quality are soil, light, water, and nutrition and Due to the rapid growth of this Plant, it needs constant pruning and care.

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We are known as one of the most important Iranian kiwi suppliers and we monitor each and every step from sourcing the demanded quality, sorting to the desired diameter, packaging and palletizing, to shipment, delivery, and even contribution to the selling process of the ordered products.

Thus, Iranian kiwi exporters export this tasty fruit to countries like India, CIS Countries, Persian Gulf Countries, and Europe.

To evaluate the quality of kiwi, you can test its softness or firmness by pressing it in the palm of your hand; if the kiwi is soft, you should be cautious because this kiwi has a short shelf life. The proper storage temperature for kiwis is zero degrees, which by maintaining suitable storage conditions of this product, you can store them for four to six months.

Our Containers and Transport vehicles are refrigerated to maintain the quality of the kiwi in the process of shipping.
Vira Fruits has over ten years of experience in exporting kiwifruit to the farthest destinations. Our team well-understood the ups and downs of kiwi fruit’s business year after year and has been better and better at exporting them to global markets, leading our business partners to import kiwi from Iran.
We do our best to benefit our customers, and their feedback so far, shows that we have been very successful in doing so.

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Kiwi exporter in Iran

Iran Kiwi Season availability

Season availableJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Hayward kiwi fruit ✔ ✔ ✔✔     ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 

Wholesale Kiwi Sorting

Grading is determined according to the market classification of fruit sizes and the number of fruit per 3 kg.

No. Kiwi fruit (3kg)1820232527303336394246
Weight range (gr)+145  135-145  125-135  115-125  105-115  95-105  87-9580-87  74-80  68-7465-68  

Wholesale Kiwi Packaging

Our standard packaging is a plastic basket filled with 8 and 10 kilograms but we can make it customized according to your needs.

Shipping10 kg
40ft Refrigerated containers2160 x 10kg Baskets

Iran Kiwifruit Cargo handling

Kiwifruit is extremely sensitive to impact and pressure and needs to be taken care of. Injury causes the fruit to spoil rapidly. It is imperative to always maintain the required refrigeration temperature, even during cargo handling. In rainy and snowy weather, cargo must be protected from moisture to avoid premature spoilage.

Freshness facts
Optimum carrying temperature-0,5°C / +0,5°C.
Highest freezing point-1,5°C
Acceptable product temp. at loading into containersMax. 2°C above carrying temperature
Optimum humidity85%
Ventilation setting for containers25 m³/hr
Storage life2-3 months
Climacteric / non-climactericClimacteric
Ethylene productionLow
Ethylene sensitivityHigh
Modified / controlled atmosphere3%-5% CO2; 1%-2% O2
Potential benefitsExcellent
Low O2 delays ripening
Elevated CO2 can aid in retaining firmness

Our company is an Iranian fruit export company that carefully selects production areas for optimal fruit quality in its export. Importing kiwi from Iran has many advantages, but for the first step, you need to be careful with which Iranian kiwifruit supplier you are starting a trading business. Iranian kiwifruit exporters are competing with each other so choose carefully.

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Where do kiwis come from?

Even though there are over 50 different kinds of it, there are three common types: (Chinensis, Arguta, Kolomikta).

In the past, the kiwifruit, also known as the Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia deliciosa), was taken from China to New Zealand and was known as “Chinese gooseberry.” However, its similarities to that bird led to the name being borrowed.

It is commercially grown in New Zealand. Despite having an acid taste, the fruit is suitable for both raw and cooked consumption.

Iran’s Agricultural Research Station planted two kiwi seedlings for the very first time in 1968 in Ramsar, Iran. Even though the bad cold in 1971 caused severe damage to citrus trees, these young seedlings were not affected by frostbite.

Which country produces the best kiwi?

Kiwi production is led by China with just over 2 million tons, followed by Italy, New Zealand, Iran, and Chile. Other nations in the top 10 include Greece, France, Turkey, and the United States. Currently, there are 23 countries that produce kiwis.

Who is the largest exporter of kiwi?

New Zealand;
With a share of 41% in global exports (1.4M tonnes), New Zealand stands out as the largest exporting country.

In 2020, New Zealand exported 572K tonnes of Kiwi fruit, up 8.3% from the previous year. From 2007 to 2020, export volume increased by 3.3% on average.

Which country exports the most kiwifruit?

Here is a list of the 15 countries with the highest export value of kiwifruit in 2020.

New Zealand: US$1.7 billion (54.8% of total kiwifruit exports)

Italy: $527.1 million (16.6%)

Greece: $195.5 million (6.2%)

Chile: $183.6 million (5.8%)

Belgium: $171.8 million (5.4%)

Netherlands: $97.3 million (3.1%)

Spain: $54.3 million (1.7%)

United States: $33.8 million (1.1%)

Portugal: $27.5 million (0.9%)

Iran: $26.1 million (0.8%)

France: $20.6 million (0.6%)

China: $19.8 million (0.6%)

Germany: $12.9 million (0.4%)

Hong Kong: $11.5 million (0.4%)

United Arab Emirates: $7.7 million (0.2%)

Can you eat kiwi skin?

It is okay to eat kiwi skin!

Before you eat it, wash it. Many people think that you can’t eat the green kiwifruit skin. Though it may look inviting inside, on the outside, it appears fibrous, brown, fuzzy, and generally less appealing—however, some people like eating the skin of green kiwifruits.