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Immune system booster fruits, a big part of a healthy diet

Having A good diet is essential in taking good care of the immune system. A big part of nutrients and vitamin intake is through diet. The journey to strengthen the immune system starts with diet.  So, if you are looking for food that meets all nutrients needs that immune functions require, take more immune system booster fruits which are introduced to you in the following.

You may wonder why some become less involved with flu or infection. The answer is hidden in his/her diet. Generally, people who eat the recommended amount of fruits daily have a more robust immune system.

It would be best to take care of your immune system throughout the year rather than only during the flu and cold. Fortunately, You can find immune system booster fruits year-round.

We can say fruit is an immune system booster only when it contains the minerals potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. Not all foods have all these elements, but taking those with as many as possible is better. Among all foods, Fruits are the best. Strawberries, for example, have vitamin C and potassium. This fruit has two ingredients involving boost the immune system.

Why vitamin A, B, C, zinc, and iron in fruits are essential for the immune system?

The immune system is a network of white blood cells, proteins called antibodies, and some other chemicals. These network members work together to fight viruses and infections.

The first factor in the immune system’s health is vitamin C which contributes to the synthesis of white blood cells. Vitamin C deficiency results in fewer white blood cells and a weak immune system. The good news is fruits that contain vitamins C are commonly available in all seasons.

Vitamin C supports the production of interferon. Interferons are particular proteins made by cells. Every cell in our body makes and releases two kinds of interferons called alpha and beta, and white blood cells release gamma.

fruits for immune system,fruits good for immune system,fruits that strengthen immune system

In case of a cell infection with viruses or other germs, body cells send interferon-alpha and interferon-beta as a warning signal to white blood cells. The message triggers them to release interferon-gamma. This interferon fights off the infection.

B6 contributes to producing a specific protein called interleukin-2, which directly involves white blood cells’ actions. Vitamin B6 deficiency also decreases the synthesis of white blood cells, including T cells (kind of blood cells).

Vitamin E, as an antioxidant, plays a significant role in protecting white blood cells.
Vitamin A is another element that also plays an essential role in the synthesis and functions of the two types of white blood cells, B and T, which both possess the ability to fight infections.

White blood cells, specifically lymphocytes, require iron for proliferation and maturation.
The immune system is strengthened by zinc, as zinc activates enzymes that break down proteins in viruses and bacteria, preventing them from spreading.

What fruits improve immune system functions?

Carrot is known as a fruit with a high amount of vitamin A; two medium carrots provide all the vitamin A we need daily.

immune system booster fruits,fruits for immune system,fruits good for immune system
  • One cup of orange provides more than the recommended amount of vitamin C for the body. Other fruits like tomatoes, bell pepper, potatoes, grapefruits, lime, and lemon are also loaded with vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C found in one papaya is more than the recommended daily allowance. If you take more vitamin C than the recommended amount, it won’t be a problem. Body depletes Excess vitamin C. Papaya also has potassium, vitamin B, and a decent amount of vitamin A.
  • Garlic has been used for the treatment of the common cold and flu for many years now.  Its ability to kill viruses and germs shortens the recovery time.
    Kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange; a cup of fresh kiwi offers more than the daily vitamin C requirement.
  • If you are looking for immune system booster fruits, apple is a good choice. Apple has vitamins B1, B2, C, and A. all these vitamins are necessary for immune system functions.
  • Bell pepper has vitamin C, A, B, and E. This fruit comes in different colors; every color offers an additional amount of these immune system booster vitamins. The more colors you include in your diet, the more vitamins you get.
fruits that strengthen immune system,immune system booster fruits,fruits for immune system

Having a robust immune system is highly dependent on lifestyle, physical activities, not smoking, being away from stress, etc. But most importantly depends on your diet. So be careful to include immune system booster fruits like orange and kiwi that play a significant role in strengthening the immune system in your diet.  

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