Month: July 2021

step by step guide in trading business,what is the second step in trading business,where do you have to register?

First steps in trading business after research

after doing a comprehensive research what are you going to do? you have to start representing yourself. but how and where? read this article for further information.

good searching for finding European fruit markets,how to seek help from online platforms,online trade fairs and catalogs help for searching

How to find fruit markets in Europe?

You must locate fruit markets in Europe if you want to begin a fruit trading business targeting the European market. The European market for food is largely made up of processed fruits and vegetables.

advantages and disadvantages,how can you achieve your goal?,how to promote your business

Recognitions of the benefits of exporting business

what is the reason of starting an export business? what are the advantages and disadvantages? what are the benefits and the difficulties in exporting? all answers are mentioned here.

how do you want to export to Canada,step by step export to Canada,the rules you have to know about exporting to Canada

All about exporting to Canada

when exporting to Canada you need to be aware of the challenges, the rules, tips, opportunities, and the documents you need. for more information read this article