countries that import bananas,ease in importing bananas from India,how is the transportation and storage?

Why should we import bananas from India?

Fresh fruits & vegetables are abundant in India due to their diverse climate, especially bananas. That’s the reason we import bananas from India. The country is second in the world in terms of fruits and vegetables. On the vegetable side, India ranks first in the production of ginger and okra and second in the production of potatoes, onion, cauliflower, brinjal, cabbage, etc. Fruits are the country’s most important export, particularly papayas (43.6%), bananas (25.7%), and mangoes (including mangosteens and guavas) (40.4%). The majority of bananas being exported by sea each day come from India.

countries that import bananas,ease in importing bananas from India,how is the transportation and storage?

Which countries import banana from India

Indian bananas are also exported to countries such as the Maldives and Republic of Korea, but their share is still modest. In 2020, which countries were India’s leading banana exporters? According to the 2020 India banana export statistics, the following are the top 10 countries to which India shipped bananas.


As of 2020, India’s total exports of bananas were worth 11.79 percent to Iran. Iranians received bananas from this country worth USD 5741004. White Globe produced the most banana business in Iran of any company listed here as an exporter of fresh bananas from India.


During the period covered by the report, Qatar was the sixth-largest export country for Indian bananas. 2020 yielded a USD 4158076 million purchase of bananas from India. Besides the United Arab Emirates, the banana export company India did well in Qatar, too.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates was the main destination of Indian bananas in 2020, with exports worth USD 15381297 million. Total exports were accounted for 30.58 %. Most of India’s banana export company’s bananas were exported to the UAE, where banana exports comprised 5.24% of its exports.

Saudi Arabia

As India’s top export destination for bananas, Saudi Arabia held the third position among Middle East countries. The country purchased Indian banana exports worth USD 6012705 with a 12.34% value share. The banana suppliers to Saudi Arabia who sold their bananas most frequently were Mayi Industries.

how to do this business?,countries that import bananas,ease in importing bananas from India

How to import banana from India

The packaging

Packaging materials include telescopic boxes, cardboard boxes, and fiber boxes. Shipping containers are used for exporting bananas. Each of the four sides will have a different thickness. The padding will be made of foam or foam sheets. A 10 mm hole will be drilled on each side of the box. Approximately 13 kilograms will be the final weight of the packed box. During domestic transport, bananas are delivered in full bunches in trucks and ripened at the destination, where they are cut into hands and loaded into plastic crates

how is the transportation and storage?,how to do this business?,countries that import bananas

Transportation and storage

Bananas are transported over long distances from tropical countries to world markets. The commodities we use are perishable and have a limited shelf life. Before the fruit is fully mature, it is harvested in order to avoid ripening.

Immediately after harvesting, the cargo is transported to ports under careful handling. This product is refrigerated during shipment to keep it from ripening before it reaches its destination. The exporters use this method to prevent bananas from ripening naturally by producing ethylene.

Technology such as this allows storage and transportation of food for 3–4 weeks at 13°C (55°F).  In order to maintain their quality, bananas are stored at 16 °C after arriving at their destination and dosed with a small concentration of ethylene. As soon as the fruit is distributed for final sale, it begins to ripen.

Place them in a brown paper bag overnight with a tomato or apple to speed up the ripening process. Due to bananas’ carbon dioxide production and ethylene absorbents, the fruit’s life is remarkably prolonged, even when it’s exposed to high temperatures. This effect can be obtained by using ethylene absorbents while packaging bananas in polyethylene bags. The banana will last up to three to four weeks without refrigeration after this treatment.

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