Health benefits of dried plums,Nutritive value of prunes,prune nutrition and benefits

Nutritive value of prunes, is this a fruit or medicine?

Prune is dried form of plum that belongs to the citrus family, which may be dried in industrial conditions or naturally. Ironically, this fruit with a slightly shriveled appearance is a delicious snack for both kids and the elderly. Copper, zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium, beta-carotene, and antioxidants are packed in prunes.

You may have ignored this fruit, but this little sweet dried fruit has a lot to offer. Plums and prunes both have many benefits but prunes have some advantages over fresh ones.

Health benefits of dried plums,Nutritive value of prunes,prune nutrition and benefits


You don’t need to spend hours researching to get the information about the nutritive value of prunes, just take a moment and have a good look at the following table that gives you brief information about prunes. Prune as a pack of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates is a healthy snack. Just a handful of prunes meet 12% of fiber and 6% of vitamin K that the body needs for a day. 

Nutrition factsIn every 100 grams of prunes (about 10 prunes)
Calories240 Cal
Protein2.18 g
Fat0.38 g
Carbohydrate63.88 g
Fiber 7.1 g
Calcium43 mg
Iron0.93  mg
Zinc0.44 mg
Magnesium41 mg
Manganese0.299 mg
Cooper0.282 mg
Vitamin E0.43 mg
Vitamin C0.6 mg
Vitamin k 59.5mcg
Vitamin A 39µg
Vitamin B60.206mg
Thiamin0.052 mg
Riboflavin0.025 mg
Niacin1.882 mg
Potassium0.732  mg

 (Source: United States Department of Agriculture, National Nutrient)

Many health benefits can be achieved by taking prunes regularly, including controlling bowel patterns, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving bones and eyes’ health. The nutritive value of prunes does not end here. In the following steps. We take a deeper dive into the details.

Digestion helper

One of the most common reasons that people visit their doctors is constipation. Constipation is a common condition in the modern world with low physical activities and poor diet. On the other hand, many patients take certain medicines like cancer medicines or folic acid pills, causing constipation.

Before any action in constipation treatment, try prunes. Prunes have been used for constipation treatment for many years. This fruit is a good source of fiber, and it also helps the bowel release more water, moves foods, and regular its movements. When consumed regularly, it enormously improves digestive functions, eliminates constipation and inflammation, and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Health benefits of dried plums,Nutritive value of prunes,prune nutrition and benefits

There are two specific antioxidants called zeaxanthin and lutein in prunes that help fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules in need of electrons; these molecules are ready to get into harmful chemical reactions that may cause cancer. Antioxidants are molecules with an extra number of electrons. When antioxidants meet free radicals, they give them electrons and prevent harmful chemical reactions.

Bone health 

Prunes are rich in minerals and vitamins that everybody needs for bone health and development. In Particular, vitamin K is essential to the calcium synthesis process, and prune is an excellent source of vitamin K. 

Nutritionists claim that consuming prunes in a kid’s diet can strengthen the bones and prevent Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone-related disease that occurs when your bones lose density and become more brittle. Sadly, we are unaware of bone health until it fractures. So, prevention is always better than treatment. One of the best ways in prevention is to incorporate prunes into your diet, eating two or three each day.  

A study has been conducted examining the effects of two doses of dried plum (about 5 or 6) on biomarker bone density in Osteopenia postmenopausal women. This study concluded that consuming approximately 100 grams of prunes each day may prevent bone loss among the elderly and postmenopausal women.

So, when you are on a diet, eating prunes is a good choice. You can get the nutritive value of prunes and lose weight.

Health benefits of dried plums,Nutritive value of prunes,prune nutrition and benefits

Nutritive value of prunes for the heart 

As our body doesn’t produce potassium, the body collects it from eating fruits and foods. When you are in low potassium levels, you may develop heart arrhythmia, which is characterized by a fast heartbeat that is greater than 100 beats per minute. The brain controls the heartbeat with electrical signals. Potassium plays a significant role in nerve signaling. Prune fruit is rich in potassium; that is why prune is so great for the heart.

Prune has iron and happens to be a good absorption of iron as well. Prunes work very well in the treatment of those with blood circulation disorder. 

Weight loss

This snack with high fiber can keep you satisfied and prevent eating. In one research, scientists give 45 people prunes as a snack. They reported feeling less hungry and tended to consume fewer celeries in lunch. Low calorie and high fiber make prune a good snack for a weight loss plan. It also slows down the digestion process. Food that suddenly spikes the blood sugar levels leads to weight gain. Every food is assigned by a Glycemic Index(GI) number that describes how quickly your blood sugar levels rise when you consume that food. If the GI of a particular food is high, sugar absorption takes less time, which means this food does not put on your weight.

Most of the fruits have a moderate Glycemic Index (approximately between 25 to 50), but prune has a low Glycemic Index (about 9) and is very beneficial for losing weight.

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