how long is their shelf life,learning how to store date fruits,store dates in the best ways

How, when, and where to store date fruits

Dates are a delectable indulgence for every occasion, which makes them one of the world’s most popular fruits. Generations have been delighted with dates’ sweet, irresistible taste thanks to the date palm that flourishes throughout the Middle East and beyond. Dates that are fresh have a higher moisture content, can spoil more quickly than dates that are dry. Therefore, storing date fruits correctly is essential for extending their life.

When fresh dates are kept from the air, they will become less dry and will retain more moisture. Before replacing the package lid with the dates, place a layer of plastic over the top of the dates in their original airtight packaging. If not, you must put them in a plastic or glass container that has no room for air. Make sure the dates are sealed in a freezer-grade plastic bag and double-wrapped in foil before you store them in the freezer.

how long is their shelf life,learning how to store date fruits,store dates in the best ways

Shelf life

Shelf-life is the amount of time fruit can be eaten before it is no longer good. For example, the shelf life of Yellow Barhi dates is short; they last for a few days if they are kept at room temperature and a few weeks if kept in the refrigerator. Otherwise, they will be corrupted. But there are some other types that have a longer shelf life. They even last till the next harvesting season.

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Quality vs. safety

Due to their natural dried state, dates can be stored in your pantry or cupboard for up to a year. The fruit in the freezer will remain safe to eat for indefinite periods of time. Date growers and manufacturers recommend shorter storage times to ensure that the dates retain the moisture that they do naturally contain when freshly harvested. The dates can also be plumped by placing them in warmer water.

How to preserve the flavor

Since it’s a sweet fruit, and the fruit is already dried, there’s no need to worry about them going bad. However, it is recommended to use them within 30 days. Otherwise, it is best to freeze them or store them. In this case, they can last for longer. But you should know that their texture and flavor won’t change at all.

what are the methods of storing date fruits,how long is their shelf life,learning how to store date fruits

How to store date fruits

Here are some ways that you can store date fruits at home so you can keep them longer:


As the cooler temperatures allow the flavors to remain intact for as long as possible, dates can be kept in the refrigerator for six to twelve months if properly stored. If you are storing dates in a refrigerator, make sure the temperature is below 40°F (4°C) and that they are sealed in order to prevent odors and condensation. This way of storing is recommended for Kholas, Segai, and Medjool dates.

Room temperature

There is the possibility of storing most semi-dry date fruits at room temperature. They can be stored in this way for up to one or two months. It is best to store dates in an airtight container or jar, so their flavors will remain intact, and also, they should be kept in a cool, dry place. Kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves are ideal storage areas – in case they are not near a heat source. Ajwa, Sokari, Khidri, and Wanan are best kept in this way.


Dates should be frozen if they are being stored for more than one year. Before placing them in the freezer, they should be placed in a vacuumed freezer bag, preferably eco-friendly. Then you can freeze them at the temperature of 0° F (-18° C). Due to their high sugar content, they freeze fast and well. This way of storing fruits is recommended for all types of dates that need to be stored for a long time.

store dates in the best ways,what are the methods of storing date fruits,how long is their shelf life


Dates are best to be used in the first days that have their moisture. If you want to keep them for a longer time, you have to know how to store them properly. 

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