build your brand,sell products online,setup a website

How to sell products online?

How to sell products online? Before answering this question, we need to answer a few more questions. Keeping up-to-date with information and using new features is always the right approach for successful people. Sometimes using old and traditional methods and techniques can be effective, but is it also optimal performance? As a salesperson or businessman, you know how to export and sell your products. The cost of finding a customer is probably quite high. Every businessman or salesperson always wonders, “How do I find a new client?” However, the more critical question is whether it is possible to reduce advertising costs and increase sales? The answer is yes! If you sell products online, you can eliminate the high costs of traditional advertising, as well as increase sales! Get more customers at a lower cost when you enter the internet advertising space and expand your market globally! In the following guide, we explain the basics of getting your website online and how to market it.

Before the beginning

Retail sales from eCommerce websites will reach $2.3 trillion in 2020, according to global research. As revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 7.8%, resulting in the US $3.1 trillion in market volume by 2024, there’s no better time to start your own online shop. Every day, the competition online gets tougher. You can still get a piece of the pie despite stiff competition. It all depends on how you choose what to sell online.

You have to sell your products at a higher price than you buy or produce them. Profit increases with higher sales. All this is debt, but it is not easy at all! Today, when competition is fierce, it’s easier said than done. From the types of scientific and non-scientific questions that we search on the Internet to small and large needs such as buying socks, cars or houses, etc., it shows how necessary it is to enter the Internet space for sales. It is a reality of our life. People use the Internet at least once a day for their needs. Nowadays, you can even make money while you are sleeping or resting. The dream comes true!

build your brand,sell products online,setup a website

Domain and your brand name

The first step to selling anything online is to get a domain name. It’s easy to register one, just search for the name you want. You may want to register a domain with your primary keyword in it to improve rankings. It is possible to register two names, one being the name of your company and the other more keyword-friendly. You can promote your business domain on business cards, letterheads, and the like, but be sure to promote the keyword-rich one within Google and online. Don’t overdo the keyword stuffing, as even a small business needs to look professional. Buying a domain for a longer period of time might help your ranking in Google. Google ranks websites based on hundreds of factors, so buying a domain for a decade doesn’t get you to the top on its own, but it is something that Google measures. Google’s logic is simple, if you register it for a long time, you plan to stay in business, as opposed to someone who registers it year by year. You need an expert in this field to improve the ranking and optimization of your sales website.

the important factors,website statistics and analysis,build your brand

Set up a website

You can now build your website with an online store builder. This used to be a time-consuming and expensive project, but now it’s very simple. The most common free eCommerce platform is WordPress, which includes a shopping cart, and is “open source”. You’ll need a little tech knowledge, but there are so many free tutorials on Google for WordPress, you’ll be able to find help at every step. Magento is a step up, more powerful as an eCommerce platform, but you’ll need more technical skills. If you want to start a shop quickly, Shopify is a good option, but it does not give you all the control you may need. The best place to start is probably with WordPress. There was a time when you had to find a designer to create your design, and then a coder to implement it. You can now search for WordPress templates on sites like Template Monster. Purchase one, grab some hosting and install. with a little research, it’s entirely possible to create your own online store. You can do all these steps alone to achieve the ability to sell products online. But keep in mind that this is just the beginning. If you are thinking of expanding your business, all of these steps require a support team.

sell products online,setup a website,the important factors

Speed! One of the important factors

The key to selling products online is to include a site search or a product search, especially if your site has many pages and/or products. Help customers find what they are looking for quickly. Quickness is another key factor that Google looks for in every website. Google penalizes you if your site takes too long to load. A “long” time on the internet is measured in seconds. Therefore, keep your website light and make sure it loads quickly, especially on mobile devices. As you probably already know, more people access the internet via their mobile devices than via their desktops. Due to the rise of the internet, we’ve become particularly impatient, so make sure your website and all pages load quickly if you intend to sell products online. However, you may leave all of this to a team due to your busy schedule. But it is important to know these things.

website statistics and analysis,build your brand,sell products online

The importance of website statistics and analysis

By building a website and optimizing the search engine in Google, your company will be present in the global market. Another advantage of this work is the facilities provided by Google. With the statistics you get from your website, you can easily find markets that have the potential to sell. Check your website analytics and statistics to find out, for example, which countries your product has been visited the most or users have asked what questions about your products. The two examples we have given can help you as an exporter make more progress in trading products. You can get information such as numbers and emails through your website. Last but not least, make sure you’re creating an email list of users. Even though it’s an old form of marketing, it’s still effective. It’s easier to sell products online to people who have shown an interest in what you’re offering and made an effort to stay in touch with you. Constantly get feedback from users and use their feedback to improve online sales of products.

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