Welcome to the Vira Fruits blog. No matter you want to do external business (import and export) or internal business, for becoming successful in business, comprehensive research is required. This research must include a step-by-step guide for starting the business and developing it. In addition, as a businessman, you should be familiar with different countries’ regulations. Moreover, you can find some useful training about different aspects of business like green logistics, high sea sales, re-export, and indirect export. In the Vira Fruits blog, we have covered all the information you need to know as a businessman. Also, some guidance like what are the documents you need, what courses you have to take, what are the risks you need to take, and what are the required insurances for a business are included in our blog. Since this company has expert teams and so far their name has been shining among the most successful exporters, especially in exporting Iranian apple worldwide, the experience which has been shared in many ways are quite useful and valuable.

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How to succeed in the export business?

Entrepreneurs must select the right export product to succeed in the export business. There are many factors to consider. If you don’t know the product well, you may run into unexpected problems. To better understand this, we need to understand how to succeed in the export trade.

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What is international copyright law?

international copyright law is necessary to understand and observe. to avoid penalties and big problems you can gain the information about copyright law here.

the method of consignment,what are the methods of payment?,what is cash in advance?

Methods of payment in international trade business?

There are various methods of payment in international trading business. for more information like which one is more secure, or which one is more common, or which one has the more challenges read this article.

the benefits of proforma invoice,the way it works in export business,what is proforma invoice?

What is a proforma invoice in export business?

You can see what is a proforma invoice and what items are included in it? What are its usages and how can you obtain it. Who is responsible for it? Read more about it here.

buyer or seller purchase it ?,covered by insurance,the meaning of shipping insurance

What is shipping insurance?

One of the most important insurances you need to know about when doing import or export is shipping insurance. Read more here.

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How to start a business in Hong Kong

You can realize the benefits of starting a business in Hong Kong with reading this article. all about taxes and documents and regulations are mentioned here.

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A global overview on pomegranate marketing

pomegranate marketing is very popular among fruit marketers but just like all the other markets, this one has its own turbels too. Read for recognizing the pomegranate market.

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The successful negotiation in business

Usually, a successful business depends on knowing the basics of negotiation. Today, successful negotiation can help you achieve business success. Business and international trade are fundamentally based on negotiation. As part of a deal, you will negotiate every part, including sourcing your products from suppliers, dealing with wholesalers and retailers, and negotiating price and therefore your profit […]