establish a company,export food products,India's top 6 food exports

How to export food products from India?

India has a prestigious position in the global market for export food products, so you can easily do business with Indian companies. The majority of Indian exporting companies are well versed in export issues in international markets. Therefore, you must enter this business with sufficient knowledge. First, get to know the capacities and goods that India exports and negotiate with several companies. More than 60 percent of the Indian population depends on agriculture for a living. Over the years, the Indian government has taken various steps to boost agriculture and exports. If you do more research, you will find that export food products is one of the world’s most profitable and best export business ideas. It takes a lot of work to start your own food export business, such as choosing the type of food you want to sell and learning your area’s food laws. Compare the prices and services offered by each food exporting company. First of all, let’s look at the food products exported from India to other countries.

establish a company,export food products,India's top 6 food exports

India’s top 6 food exports

Basmati Rice

India is the world’s leading exporter of basmati rice. It is the world’s largest producer and exporter of basmati rice.

Non-Basmati Rice

Non-basmati rice exports are valued at over USD 3 billion for exporting about 44,14,562 MT. India’s neighbors Nepal and Bangladesh, as well as nations such as Benin and Senegal, are major importers of non-basmati rice.

Fresh Vegetables

When it comes to onions, ginger, okra, and other fresh vegetables, India is one of the top exporters.


Groundnut (peanut) is another product exported in large quantities.

Fresh Fruits

Fruit exports are very profitable on the world market. By investing in agriculture, a country like India has a significant share of the world’s fruit export market.

Processed Fruits & Juices

Processed Fruits & Juices have significant export potential that India is also present in the market.

market and customer,trading license,establish a company

Setting up a company

You must first establish a company to implement your import and export business plans. Your company must first be established according to protocol with a catchy name and logo. You can promote your company in the global market by launching a website and working on it. Advertisement is expensive for any business, regardless of the form, but keep an eye on which method will be effective and how much you’ll spend. We recommend online marketing as the most effective method today, with the development of advertising. You can videotape all the steps from sorting to sending the goods and put them on your website to inform the customers about these steps and build trust. In the next step, it is necessary to open a current account with a bank that handles foreign exchange transactions.

export food products,India's top 6 food exports,market and customer


You should obtain the permanent account number, which is a mandatory document for all importers and exporters. Additionally, Indian exports and imports are subject to 10-digit IE codes according to its foreign trade policy. A permanent account number (PAN) is a mandatory document for all importers and exporters, and you should obtain one. India’s foreign trade policy also requires exports and imports from India to have a 10-digit IE code number. Export food products according to all relevant licenses. The certificate is needed for export/import authorization, benefits, or concessions under FTP 2015-20.

trading license,establish a company,export food products

Product, market and customer

The products that appear on restricted or prohibited lists are all free to export. Detailed research is required before selecting a product. After conducting market research on market size, competition, quality requirements, payment terms, etc., Indian missions abroad, export promotion agencies, friends, relatives, and colleagues may be able to provide information. The use of B2B portals, buyer-seller meetings, web browsing, and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions can be considered essential tools for finding buyers. As mentioned earlier, it can be of great help to create a multilingual website with that product catalog, payment terms, price, and related information. Keep in mind that if you want to export food products from India to other countries, you have to identify and export Indian products in markets with good export potential, such as some East Asian countries.

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