all about importing from turkey,finding suppliers,how to buy the products

All about how to import from Turkey

Do not fail to consider importing from Turkey when you are deciding what countries to import from. But in this case, you should learn how to import from Turkey. Although all countries, including Turkey, have seen a drop in exports and imports due to the corona pandemic, you can make good deals if you improve your negotiation skills.

Germany, the US, France, Russia, and indeed the UK are at the top of the list of major trade partners. So Turkey offers excellent products at an excellent price right now; thus, there are numerous opportunities for importation.

all about importing from turkey,finding suppliers,how to buy the products

What to import from Turkey?

In fact, importing from Turkey is a profitable way to start a business. Various things can be imported from Turkey. the following list includes the most important ones:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food industries
  • Eating industries
  • Power and cable products
  • Technology products
  • School tools industries
  • Shoes
  • Textile industries
  • Cleaning materials
necessary documents for importing,what products to import from turkey ?,all about importing from turkey

How to buy products from Turkey?

There is no guarantee that projects or ideas will be successful simply because of a large sum of money. Instead, a sound foundation, as well as enough experience, will be decisive factors. Consequently, you do have to follow a few steps in order to purchase goods from Turkey of any kind, and these steps are:

  1. Selecting the type of product for importing to Turkey
  2. Research

Conduct a thorough study of the product feasibility, listen to past experiences of importers in the country, and previous research experiences

  • Request quotations and product specifications from or distributors in Turkey, whether by visiting them in person or online.
  • After you decided to buy the product – make sure you like all the specifications- and agreed on the price. Make sure you agree on the way you want to receive the products and all details before buying.
  • Make sure you include everything in the contract clause.
  • In the process of how to import from Turkey, do not forget to make sure the specification of the product matches the data by ordering a small amount or a sample of the product.
  • Include in the contract instructions on how to make payments, whether you will use a party present in Turkey, or a bank transfer, Western Union, or any other method agreed upon
  • Test the demand from consumers, and if the demand is high, order more of the same item.
finding suppliers,how to buy the products,necessary documents for importing

What documents do you need?

Here is a list of documents that Turkish government agencies require from you when importing goods from Turkey:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Conformity compliance (CE Mark)
  • Bill of lading
  • Health certification
  • Proforma invoices
  • Import license
  • Certificate of origin

What are the regulations?

  • An industry or commercial registry is required by the client
  • Organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce or Industry of Turkey or a Turkish agent certify that Granty Logistics is authorized as a customs broker.
what products to import from turkey ?,all about importing from turkey,finding suppliers

How to find suppliers in Turkey?

For helping you to import from Turkey easier, we have outlined three central methods that differ in cost, accuracy, and speed. Each is discussed separately below:

·         Finding suppliers via the Internet

The most common and cheapest way to import from Turkey is through the Internet. Beware, though, of buying from wholesale suppliers in Turkey with high ratings from buyers. The Turkish portal Export, Tradekey, and Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from various parts of the world, including Turkey, are some of the biggest commercial sites specializing in offering different kinds of best products from Turkey to import.

·         Finding suppliers via the intermediary

This method is known as the import method for the benefit of others. In this method, you have to find companies that are experienced in importing products from Turkey in order to find you the exact product with the required specifications. Also, this company should carry out the import and customs clearance process. For that reason, quality, quickness, and comfort are guaranteed. All these services must be paid in return which is typically a percentage of the total price, therefore reducing your profit margin.

·         Finding suppliers via Turkey

The last option which is the best and greatest way is traveling to Turkey. In this case, you are capable of visiting many companies and markets. As a result, you can contrast between different products and brands and choose the product that suits your needs for importing from turkey. The only difficulty is the high cost of this method.

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