benefits and risks,global market,How to export

How to export your product?

How to export is a broad issue that we must first break down into smaller sections so that we can take a closer look. First of all, we need to know what to do before starting to export? There are 3 steps before exporting and 3 steps to start exporting that we will review.

3 steps before exporting

benefits and risks,global market,How to export

1.      Export; benefits and risks

Export is a big business that is very important in the world. Statistics indicate the importance of this large industry and the need for cautious consideration before entering it. Just as this global trade can be of considerable benefit to you, it also brings with it sometimes great losses. You can have a low-risk and profitable business if you consider all aspects of this business. Many times, it has happened in exports that in the transportation of products, they are damaged or completely destroyed. Particularly in the transportation of food, fruits, and agricultural products. First, learn the international rules of export, then make sure you have insured your products in case of financial losses and use lawyers to handle legal issues. Then expand your business in the global marketplace step by step and reduce the risks in this way.

2.     The potential and capacity of our business to export

In the second step, check how much potential and capacity your business has in the global market? Businesses with a successful track record in their own country, and that have been successful in their domestic markets, are likely to be seeking out opportunities to export and enter the foreign market. But is that alone a reason for success in foreign markets? Definitely not. Since success in the domestic market is not the only reason for success in the global market, you need to study the various global markets more closely and extensively. You should use all the potentials for how to export.

knowing the target market,practical plan,target market

3.     The importance of knowing the target market

Knowing and understanding the target market is essential before entering global trade. Because if you make a mistake in your calculations, it will lead to your failure in global trade. As an exporter, you must always keep your knowledge level current to be able to perform well in this business. Examine your target market in every way and find out how much this market needs your export product. It is very important that you have a thorough understanding of it before you start exporting so that you can run your business. Getting to know your target market is so important that we will discuss it in the following. In fact, finding more demand can help and facilitator.

benefits and risks,global market,How to export

3 steps to start exporting

After reviewing the initial steps before exporting, in the second stage let’s see how to start exporting? At this stage, we must take 3 steps to start exporting. After reviewing the initial steps before exporting, let’s look at the second stage: How to export? To begin exporting, we should take three steps.

1.     Have a practical plan:

Having a practical and complete plan as well as clear goals will help you achieve success. In your planning, you should specify all the steps, both in general and in detail. Set your financial goals for the next year in your plan. Specify the number of exports and how to expand it step by step. Identify your people and pay close attention to the reports during the implementation of your program. Constantly modify your schedule by receiving reports. Because successful planning is not able to anticipate all the challenges but must be constantly corrected and updated due to sudden obstacles along the way.

knowing the target market,practical plan,target market

2.     target market:

Identifying the target market is so important that ignoring it may lead to exporter problems. Understanding the culture of your destination country is one of the most important steps in knowing how to export. Carefully study the language and culture of your target market and do not overlook the importance of this issue. Because if your product is successful with a promotional approach in your own country, then it does not necessarily mean that it can be successful with the same approach in another country with a different culture. So, the importance of studying the culture and language will help you to better communicate with the customer and how to export.

Apart from the cultural issue, research your product in your target market and know if there are products like yours there and compare the price and quality with yours and your competitors to determine the market value of your product. Ask yourself how much your customer needs what you are selling and at the price that brings you the profit? Always check the amount your product requires based on market requirements.

benefits and risks,global market,How to export

3.     Marketing

Today, the subject of marketing is much broader than ever and its importance in any business is very high that in successful companies, many budgets and people are defined for this sector. It is enough to market and advertise a mid-range product very well to reach high sales or to lead a quality product to failure with mistaken marketing. Professional marketing pays attention to every detail. Careful studies are being conducted in this area and are constantly evolving. From product support to the smallest details in product packaging can be important. Tips such as pre-launch product introduction, application manual, customer relationship management, customer complaints, and other factors are critical to successful marketing. You can easily manage all these issues by having a website and online support. This reduces costs such as renting or buying several buildings in different countries to have an agency. Pay special attention to social media. Use popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to promote, advertise and support your products. You should examine the general use of these social networks in each country and follow the activity accordingly. You can also have a specific language page in cases where your customer is large in one language. Get all the feedback and take marketing seriously throughout your time in the global business.

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