Egypt and orange marketing,Germanies challenges in orang marketing,global orange marketing

An overlook on global Orange marketing

Since the coronavirus increased demand for oranges last year, the orange marketing conditions are slightly less favorable for the following year. High volume on the market has put prices under pressure. Large production of oranges has begun in the Southern Hemisphere, and more will follow in the following months. Weather issues have caused some problems, but in general, good quality oranges are expected to be available in normal quantities in South Africa.

Chile: June, the month of first Navels

The Navel orange season begins around early June and goes on until the 35th week. Imports from Chile are forecast to be on par with those of previous years. The oranges are mainly exported to the United States and Asia.

Egypt and orange marketing,Germanies challenges in orang marketing,global orange marketing

Uruguay: May, the month of first oranges

In May, around week 20, the campaign will begin. Since the weather has been dry, we expect good quality and great size, and the total volume has improved slightly. In addition to markets in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Canada, Uruguay is also a player in North America and Asia. During the same season, there will be Valencia oranges up to and including week 45. It was announced in week 34 that the supply of Navels would end.

Netherland: where orange marketing is hard

It is not easy to sell oranges currently. A citrus importer states, “Only a few people bought citrus after the covid-19 arrived last year, but that enthusiasm is waning now.” Moreover, we lack sales to our catering industry customers, which generally consume many oranges. The number of oranges available is greater than the number of oranges consumed. As a result, the prices are under great pressure. Egyptians have infinite volume, while Spanish growers want a lot more money than the markets want to pay—all in all, an extremely challenging orange market is existing in Netherland. It is Vira Fruits honor, the orange supplier, to have a business relationship with Netherland.

orange marketing challenges in orange marketing,Egypt and orange marketing,Germanies challenges in orang marketing

Germany: dominant of Egypt and Spain

The leading suppliers of vitamins in Germany are currently Spain and Egypt. Spanien variety Lane Late, Navelate, and Salustiana are among those dominating the orange table segment. Juice oranges are mainly supplied by Egypt, specifically Valencia late. Turkish officials also frequent the Navel in Washington from time to time. It is reported that Italy is the only market leader with blood oranges of the Moro variety.

The prices per orange have increased significantly since last year at this time. But the numbers for Egypt fell below the levels last year. The Spanish season is currently progressing satisfactorily. Thicker sizes are relatively scarce in the latter half of the season, while the demand has declined somewhat. Long term, Egypt continues to gain market share, especially for discount shopping. Also, it is becoming more and more challenging to find oranges imported from Turkey and Morocco. In the orange table segment, there is still room for the introduction of new varieties.

global orange marketing,orange marketing challenges in orange marketing,Egypt and orange marketing

Egypt: Orange demand has reached good levels.

Egypt is in the thick of the orange season. Recently, the demand has grown quite a bit, but it was far lower two months ago. As the supply grows, prices have fallen a bit as compared to last month. Despite the increase in export volumes, this time last year, they were 30% lower.  Demand is growing in markets such as India and China and in Europe as well since the season in Spain has ended. Due to the fact that the South African Navel season begins at least two months before Egyptian oranges, the latter will likely have the largest market share in the coming months.

Belgium: pressure on the market by extra volumes

Throughout the season, the Belgian orange market has remained positive. Demand for our services has somewhat slowed down after the turn of the year, after a hectic month of December. Fruit from Turkey, Morocco and Egypt are also available at the moment, in addition to the Spanish supply. Due to these extra volumes, the market is being put under pressure, which has a negative effect on prices.

USA: strong demand for orange

Navel oranges have been in good supply lately. The trader expects that strong demand will continue over the next few weeks because of the warmer weather.

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