Benefits of fruits for health,fruits for health,health benefits of fruits

Health benefits of fruits, mentally and physically

If you want to know what will your health condition be 10 years from now. Take a minute and check your shopping list thoroughly. Do you include fruits in your shopping list? how often do you go to grocery store to buy fruit and vegetables? I can assure you if you want healthy food, you should find it somewhere at the grocery store.

Benefits of fruits for health,fruits for health,health benefits of fruits

A close examination of a pizza shows nothing but fat, cholesterol, and high calories, whereas if you examine a fruit dish, you can see fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. the choice is yours, Junk and greasy food do not get you what you need.

Fruits come in multiple flavors and have numerous nutrients that your body needs. There are many reasons why you should include fruit into your diet. In general, You’ll be healthier, mentally and physically. So, just make sure you eat a couple of different fruits every day.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to take a brief look at health benefits of fruits.

Being energetic all day along

Vitamin B is an energetic agent. We can find lots of them in banana. If you eat a banana, you’ll have the energy to work out for 45 minutes.

healthy fruits for a healthy body.,Benefits of fruits for health,fruits for health

Remain brain healthy

They are source of folate, fiber, nutrients, and vitamins, not to mention that fruits do not have fat or cholesterol.

In addition to your body, what you put in your mouth also affects your mind functions like memory, energy, or the abilities needed to deal with stress, solve problems, carry out daily duties, and the ability to perform complex and simple tasks.

According to Harvard medical school study, fruits are loaded with natural antioxidants, perfect to keep the mind sharp and help the brain work properly.  

  • Banana has serotonin. this chemical is good medicine for curing depression.
  • Studies show that blueberries can improve memories in the elderly.
  • Strawberries feed brain cells and boost brain functions.
  • Cherry has melatonin which can help improve sleep quality.

Lower the risk of disease

Have you ever heard of this quote that summarizes health benefits of fruits in one sentence? “eating an apple a day, keeps doctors away.” This quote is true because eating one apple a day lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Apple also has anti-cancer substances (antioxidants) and lowers the risk of bladder and lung cancer.

health benefits of fruits,healthy fruits for a healthy body.,Benefits of fruits for health
  • Berries prevent and treat certain diseases like Cardiovascular disease.
  • Avocado has potassium, potassium reduces blood pressure and lowers risk of stroke.
  • Pineapple is high in manganese and antioxidant and protects eyes from age-related diseases.
  • Tomato is full in folate which helps lower the risk of infection.
  • Mango is full of Iron, folate, Vitamin C, E, and A. Vitamin E in mango is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system.

Body healer

Fruits have natural ability to fight against diseases. So why don’t you get the health benefits of fruits for healing and treatment?

fruits for health,health benefits of fruits,healthy fruits for a healthy body.
  • Fruits like berries are natural defender against inflammation (Inflammation is a natural response to infection. It might come with cough, running nose, and ache)
  • lemon acts as a natural blood purifier and cleanser.
  • Fruits that contain anticoagulants like pomegranate avocado and mango can be used in treating nosebleeds and gum problems.
  • It has been proved that pomegranate is a real virus fighter.

Keep your body fully functional

If you want your body to work fully functional, you need all the vitamins you can get including vitamins A, D, C, K, B6, and E. and guess what? fruits are source of these vitamins.

  • Fruits like orange acts as an absorption helper of iron.
  • Date fruits help your heart stay healthy.

Source of fiber

Fiber keeps the digestive system healthy. papaya fruit is a protein digester. Studies show that mango is high in iron, antioxidant and soluble fiber which reduce cholesterol levels.

Keep your body in shape

Researches indicate that for staying in shape, watching diet is more important than exercise. As an example, Apples contain soluble fiber which can decrease the hunger you feel before meals and help you consume fewer calories. Eating one apple before meals helps you consume fewer calories. A group of scientists at Pennsylvania State University examined how the consumption of apples differed, concerning calorie intake. This research was held by the Obesity Society and the organization of nutritional scientists in which 59 healthy individuals ate breakfast and lunch for five weeks at the lab. Participants who consumed the raw apple before lunch and breakfast tended to take 187 fewer calories at meals. this study also proved the importance of fiber in losing weight because consuming apple juice didn’t come up same results.

Be careful!!

Now, we know all about health benefits of fruits, don’t rush to eat lots of fruit.
every fruit has fructose, It is a natural sugar but if you make the mistake of intaking too much fructose, your uric acid levels increase which can raise your blood pressure. The consumption of too much Fructose results in increased triglyceride levels and an increased possibility for fatty liver. Be careful not to eat too much fruit, especially if you have diabetes.

It has been shown that eating too many fruits leads to insulin resistance and may cause various problems.

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