all documentation required,exporting challenges,guidance of exporting to UK

All about how to export fruits to the U.K.?

We may find the answer to how to export fruits to the U.K. difficult since there are differences between Iranian and U.K. culture, language, and economic system. Despite all the troubles, we are trying to make a good relationship with the U.K. in trading fruits.

all documentation required,exporting challenges,guidance of exporting to UK

Challenges of exporting fruits to the U.K.

In order to have a good fruit exporting experience with the U.K., Iranian fruit exporters should recognize all the barriers. In case of planning carefully and agencies assisting Iranian fruit exporters can succeed easily. Challenges include:

  • Complex regulatory requirements:

It can be burdensome to meet E.U. technical/regulatory requirements.

  • A competitive market:

Exporters from the United Kingdom and third-country suppliers face intense competition from Iranian suppliers, who will need to differentiate their products.

  • Decreased consumer confidence

Although the post-Brexit vote economic picture is uncertain, the government’s commitment to reducing its deficit is undiminished. Therefore, public expenditure will continue to be declined—a trend likely to continue despite the Conservative party’s losing position in government

  • A high cost of doing business

The London property market is the most expensive in the world. Restaurants, transportation, and transportation all cost more than other cities in Europe.

  • Devolved administrations

The United Kingdom Country Commercial Guide states that “Devolved Administrations’ in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales present some differences in policies and regulations. “Despite Scotland’s 2014 vote to remain within the United Kingdom, the Scottish National Party has increased seats in Scotland and is determined to see more devolution for Scotland, including fiscal autonomy”.

how to export fruits to UK,issues and problems,all documentation required

Step-by-step guidance for the question of how to export fruits to the U.K.

As mentioned before, exporting to countries with high expectations like the United Kingdom is challenging. The following is a good guidance:

  1. Checking the rules for exporting products
  2. Applying for all the licenses needed for exporting the products
  3. Getting the nosiness ready for exporting
  4. Checking the receivers (if they are importers or not)
  5. Deciding who will make exports declarations and transport the goods
  6. Classifying the goods
  7. Preparing the invoice and other documentation for the products
  8. Getting all the products through customs
  9. Keeping all the invoices and records

Opportunities of exporting to the U.K.

Exports to the United Kingdom offer exporters many rewards, which exceed any obstacles they may encounter in many situations. A strategy needs to be devised by exporters to minimize risks while identifying and cultivating business opportunities. Opportunities include:

  1. Security:

Cybersecurity equipment and services are in high demand, particularly in the safety and security sector.

  • Infrastructure:

Various large infrastructure projects are currently underway throughout the United Kingdom in the sectors of energy, transportation, and water.

  • Productivity services:

A sophisticated market such as the United Kingdom is in need of products and services that improve productivity, including Information and Communication Technology products and services that allow businesses to reduce time and cost while improving efficiencies.

  • Renewable energy

In the U.K., commitments to reduced greenhouse gas emissions are stimulating market demand for Iranian products and services in renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon-neutral/green technologies and smart grids.

exporting challenges,guidance of exporting to UK,how to export fruits to UK

What are export documents required for the United Kingdom?

Exporting to the U.K. requires as much attention to producing accurate export documents and following proper export procedures as other countries. Most consumer goods need no import licenses in the E.U. or U.K. However, some industrial items require licenses issued by the Import Licensing Branch. Many consumer goods impose controls at national, European Union, and United Nations levels. There are different types of documents required for your products to be exported from Iran to the U.K (and the European Union). Such as:

  • Insurance policy
  • Customs declaration
  • Sales contract
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Performa invoice
  • Commercial invoice
  • AES filing
issues and problems,all documentation required,exporting challenges

Regulatory Issues with Exports from the United Kingdom

It’s important to comprehend export regulations wherever you ship products, but doing so is much easier when you’re exporting to a country like China.

Export compliance is not something to take lightly. You should understand your responsibilities and your risks if you fail to fulfill your obligations accordingly.

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