foods and vegetable products,Jewelry and diamonds,machines are imported by UAE

Popular Goods Exported from India to the UAE

India alone plays a significant role in the world trade market. Utilizing its rich reserves and resources in the global export market, it supplies goods to many countries every year, both among its neighbors and in other countries. On the other hand, the UAE is one of India’s main partners in world trade. Many goods are exported from India to the UAE; besides oil products, India exports a wide variety of non-oil products to the UAE. Almost 9.2 percent of UAE’s total imports come from India.

Exports to the United Arab Emirates in India averaged 70.71 INR Billion from 1991 until 2021, reaching an all-time high of 290.59 INR Billion in March 2011 and a record low of 0.93 INR Billion in June of 1991. Among the countries India exports extensively, the UAE has the third-largest trade to India as of April 2021.

Here is a list of popular items exported from India to Dubai:

foods and vegetable products,Jewelry and diamonds,machines are imported by UAE

Precious Metals

UAE imports stones, pearls, metals, and similar products from India. Jewelry and diamonds have the largest part in these exports. India exported about $10.4 billion to the UAE in 2019.

Mineral Products

Mineral products are exported from India to the UAE annually. Products such as refined petroleum, coal tar oil, petroleum cake, Iron ore, salt, kaolin, petroleum jelly, pumice, granulated slag, and related items have been imported to the parts of UAE right from India. More than $5 billion of this market comes from trade between the two countries.


Broadcasting equipment, Valves, Electric batteries, Insulated wire, Air pumps, liquid pumps, Gas turbines, Electrical transformers, Electric motors, Engine parts, and other machines are imported by UAE from India, which is worth about $3.5 billion.


Textiles of all types are exported from India to the UAE, including knit T-shirts, non-knit suits for men, non-knit suits for women, knit suits for men, knit garments for babies, scarves, and other products worth around $2 billion.

popular goods exported from India,Stone export to the UAE,foods and vegetable products


When it comes to the exportation of steel and iron products, India has been an important partner for the UAE. India exports Hot-rolled iron, ferroalloys, coated flat-rolled iron, other small iron pipes, iron structures, iron housewares, and other iron products. The products are worth about 1.5 billion dollars.


India has been a partner in the exportation of ship special-purpose ships, cars, passenger and cargo ships, vehicle parts, delivery trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other products to the UAE. The products are worth about 1.5 billion dollars. About 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of products is involved.

Jewelry and diamonds,machines are imported by UAE,popular goods exported from India

Chemical products

Aluminum oxide, packaged medicaments, ethers, cyclic hydrocarbons, cleaning products, hair products, beauty products, and many other chemical products exported from India to the UAE more than 1 billion dollars in worth.

Vegetable products

One of the agricultural products in export from India to the UAE is rice, which has many toxins in this market. Other agricultural products such as rice, coconuts, Brazil Nuts, cashews, onions, tea, spices, bananas, grapes, pepper, and other vegetables are worth about $960 million.

Plastics and Rubbers

Polyacetals, plastic lids, rubber tires, raw plastic sheeting, plastic housewares, plastic pipes, rubber pipes, and other plastic products are worth about $960 million that import to the UAE from India.

Stone export to the UAE,foods and vegetable products,Jewelry and diamonds

Animal Products

Animal products exported from India to the UAE, including crustaceans, sheep and goat meat, frozen bovine meat, butter, cheese, bovine meat, and honey worth about $960 million.


Other items worth about $370 million in exports from India to the UAE include Foodstuffs. Things like processed tobacco, baked goods, raw sugar, beer, raw tobacco, chocolate, coffee and tea extracts, malt extract, jams that import to Dubai.

Stone and Glass

Over 300 million dollars of Indian export to the UAE are related to Stone and Glass such as unglazed ceramics, float glass, building stone, glass bottles, safety glass, rock wool, glass fibers, and other glass articles.

Paper goods

Kaolin coated paper, wallpaper, shaped paper, cellulose fibers paper, paper containers, facial tissue, and other uncoated paper which is done in the export of paper goods from India to the UAE. The value of these goods is estimated at more than $250 million.

Here are more than 10 items of export goods, which account for about 90% of India’s exports to the UAE. All of these are also worth more than $200 million in goods exported from India to UAE. The value of India’s exports to the UAE is estimated at $28.6 billion in 2019.

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