best fruits for cold,cold fighter fruit,fruits are good for cold

Best fruits for cold, eat wisely through cold

Best fruits for cold is a subject that everyone should know about. Although catching a cold is not a serious condition, but it can hold us back for a few days from normal activities of daily living. You have to go through several health problems, and you can’t go to work, meet your friends, and above all you have to stay at home with annoying symptoms like runny nose, flu, cough, or inflammation of larynx.

The virus causes cold. Having a healthy diet before and after getting infected by the virus is highly important. When our body is fighting an infection, it needs more energy and fluids; therefore, we need to eat and drink more wisely than before. Nutrition is necessary for the body for supporting its immune system and repairing tissues during recovery.  

The big question is that is there any evidence that provesthe fact that fruits can prevent cold or have a role in recovery? The answer is yes. Studies show that people who take three or more fruits per day are at a low risk of catching a cold. this answer raise another question. Which ones are the best fruits for cold? 

What fruits get you through the cold?


It is remarkably antibacterial. It is also a pack of enzyme activators that helps to prevent infections. Garlic has an agent called allicin that acts as a radical fighter.

best fruits for cold,cold fighter fruit,fruits are good for cold

Citrus fruit

Alongside lemon and orange, which are famous for their big help because of the pack of vitamin C they have, pineapple, strawberry, sweet potato, tomato, and blueberry have vitamin C too. These fruits are good for cold. Citrus fruits are known as the best fruits for cold for many years now. Take Vitamin C as soon as you get sick. It can reduce the duration of sickness and relief severe symptoms.


Tomato is a source of Lycopene and carotene. Lycopene enhances immune function. The compound called Lycopene stops the destruction of T-lymphocytes (the white blood cells that fight infections) as these cells engage in active fighting.

fruits for cold,best fruits for cold,cold fighter fruit


Cherry protects the body against the virus. Since cold is a kind of winter disease, you probably can’t see cherries around, but you can get the benefits of cherry through dried ones. 

fruits are good for cold,fruits for cold,best fruits for cold


Kiwi is packed with potassium, vitamin C, and k. Vitamin C boosts white blood cells, enabling them to fight infection and help to maintain the body’s immune system in balance. It also has seeds that have numerous nutrients that are needed for the body.

cold fighter fruit,fruits are good for cold,fruits for cold


This fruit is not only good for weight loss and heart health but also has a positive effect on the immune system. Pomegranate juice has potent medicinal properties that fight off infections. since pomegranate is available in the cold season, people should consider this as one of the best fruits for cold.


We call avocado a cold fighter fruit because it helps a type of white blood cells called lymphocyte to fight infections. This fruit has 2500 calories and a high amount of fat. It is healthy food for cold and helps the body to get recovered.

best fruits for cold,cold fighter fruit,fruits are good for cold

Apple, medicine or fruit?

Apple is rated as one of the 10 top beneficial food in the world. Apples are full of carbohydrates and water. These elements provide energy as well as hydrate the body during recovery. The peel of the apple contains ursolic acid which helps the calories to burn. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer, two types of diabetes, and clogged arteries.

Making prevention is a priority!

  • For preventing cold, you can have bread and cheese with dates for breakfast or drink a glass of water (preferably boiling water) with honey and a few drops of lemon juice in it every day. 
  • Drinking enough water and staying at home is also an important part of recovery.  
  • Limit sugar and fatty foods for a few days.
  • Viruses and bacteria cause cold. For both, the immune system is the first body system that stands against infections. In the prevention plan, you should boost and strengthen your immune system which nothing is more effective than fruit.

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