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all about importing from turkey,finding suppliers,how to buy the products

All about how to import from Turkey

importing from Turkey is not easy. For importing and exporting to Turkey you have to know what are the documents and regulations and etc. read for more.

a good guidance for choosing a name for business.,any association of negativity and positivity,how long can the name be

How to choose a good name for a business?

If you are searching for a good name for your business here is a good guidance for you to. What points do you have to consider? Here we give you some ideas and show you where you have to start?!

are local business supported?,is there a free trade zone?,the condition of human resources in Dubai

The reason why Dubai is the business hub

Dubai is known as the business hub for business people. But what is the reason? What characteristics make Dubai the business hub? What is it so special about Dubai? Follow us to find out.

the challenges of green logistics,the checklist for environment,what are the answers to challenges

What is green logistics?

it is vital for everyone to care about the earth. Green logistic is a good way to heal earth or at least cause less damage to it. for more information join us.

getting import orders from Dubai,notice how to export to Dubai,required documents for exporting to Dubai

All about how to export to Dubai

Exporting to Dubai requires expert knowledge. for example you need to know the regulations, the documents, the countries in a trading business with Dubai, etc. Notice all with us.

the de minimis rule,the definition of re-export,the regulations of re-export

What is re-export’s definition?

What is re-export and re-import? and why it is important to know about them? what are the rules of re-exporting? when does your products are count as re-export?