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export only when your export plan is easy,what are the values,what items are included in an export plan

Export easy with an export plan

in order to achieve your goal in trading you need to have a clear export plan. For more information like how to write the export plan click here

5 more benefits,the benefits of trading training,the opportunities of import export

What are the benefits of import-export training?

for having a successful trading business you need to pass the course and realize what you have to do and what not to. For more information about the benefits of taking this course click.

fruit marketing strategies for all fruit marketers,how can you sell fruits easier ?,partnering in marketing

Fresh fruits marketing strategies

all fruits have a shelf time. they need to be sold and used in this time. But how the marketers are supposed to do this? all strategies are mentioned here.

3 steps of exporting,exporting to Japan and all about it,opportunities hidden in exporting to Japan

All about exporting fruits to Japan

all the information you need to have for exporting to Japan, including regulations, challenges, and tips are mentioned here.