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Orange harvesting time

Oranges are harvested at different times depending on their variety and region. Usually, they are harvested before they are fully ripe. When you see a few mature oranges falling off the tree, it’s time to harvest them. An orange’s peel does not necessarily indicate its ripeness.

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You can protect the trees in winter to bloom in spring. But you need to know exactly what ways are needed for a tree to withstand the cold of winter and not perish. It does not matter if you have trees in your backyard or on a farm. In any case, you can protect the […]

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Plastic packaging of fruit and environmental pollution

Even with all the positive applications and uses of plastic, there are still numerous ones that are problematic and unnecessary, exacerbating the problem of plastic waste in the natural environment. Solving these problems will require collaboration.

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How to sell products online?

As a salesperson or businessman, you should know how to export and sell your products. It takes time and money to get new customers. You can use these strategies to reduce costs, update your business and use online methods.

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How to export food products from India?

For those who want to enter the global food export products and import market, India can be chosen as their trading partner in this market.

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How Can Find Buyers for Export Business?

At the beginning of any kind of business, you will probably face the most important challenge: how can you find buyers? Creating a brand for yourself is the first step toward being perceived as a quality supplier or seller. The process of becoming known on the market will benefit greatly from this.

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How to succeed in the export business?

Entrepreneurs must select the right export product to succeed in the export business. There are many factors to consider. If you don’t know the product well, you may run into unexpected problems. To better understand this, we need to understand how to succeed in the export trade.

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The successful negotiation in business

Usually, a successful business depends on knowing the basics of negotiation. Today, successful negotiation can help you achieve business success. Business and international trade are fundamentally based on negotiation. As part of a deal, you will negotiate every part, including sourcing your products from suppliers, dealing with wholesalers and retailers, and negotiating price and therefore your profit […]

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Popular Goods Exported from India to the UAE

India alone plays a significant role in the world trade market. Utilizing its rich reserves and resources in the global export market, it supplies goods to many countries every year, both among its neighbors and in other countries. On the other hand, the UAE is one of India’s main partners in world trade. Many goods […]